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We have grown and expanded. Life Center has been blessed with a new Expansion Campus and it provides shelter for men, women, children and homeless families. Heaven’s Kitchen is also at the same location. We are believing God that you would make a financial donation TODAY.

Your help is needed now. We also ask that you share The Life Center Vision with others. Life Center is a 501c3 non-profit Christian Organization. For a tour of our Campus, please call Jeremy Boucher at 713-750-9565. For online giving, click here.

If you are homeless and in need of our assistance, call The Life Center homeless hotline @ 832-292-3295.

Our Campus location is:

4516 Old Yale St.

Houston, TX 77018


“The streets was my life.” – The Rick Story – Click here

Mission Statement

Faith-based Christian Organization/24-Hour Shelter

The Life Center is dedicated to serve, educate and represent the Homeless of Houston. Through the operation of a short-stay residential facility, and the combination of an educational program, an in-house work program and group counseling sessions, The Life Center hopes to impart sufficient work and basic living skills, along with a positive and focused mental attitude to Homeless individuals so they can take their proper place as productive and stable members of today’s society.

There are approximately 20,000 homeless people in the City of Houston and there is no indication that the number is diminishing. With depressing forces at work in our nation’s urban areas, the records of violent deaths continue to be broken. Hence, our name “The Life Center.” To be homeless and without shelter is a frightening situation that often appears insurmountable. It’s an endless cycle driving them deeper into despair. The cycle can be broken.  We began The Life Center to break that cycle. With your help we can continue to help and assist one of our most vulnerable populations – the lost and homeless.

We provide homeless people with a place to come home to, food to sustain them, clothing to keep them warm, job counseling, a mailing address, spiritual guidance, a computer literacy program and even a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to help them overcome destructive addictions as they learn to cope with life.

One of our primary goals is to provide temporary shelter and transitional living for up to 70 of Houston’s homeless and most destitute. We assist men, women and children. While at The Life Center, they will receive the services listed and also be referred to other agencies, ones that can assist them with getting proper identification, also agencies that help with employment, in an effort to give them opportunity to escape the cycle of life on the streets. But we can’t achieve this alone. We need your support. The Life Center has not received any government grants as of yet.

The Life Center vision began in 1989 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith based christian organization. Located on Old Yale St., close to the Independence Heights area of Houston and the historical Acres Homes, we are ideally positioned to make a difference. Our present facilities include 8 living areas, Heaven’s Kitchen and Cafeteria and a separate multi – purpose facility that can be used for educational classes, meetings and motivational sessions, and chapel with the ability to support our community and make a visible difference. We have a total of 10 facilities on two acres. The Life Center operates as a 24–hour refuge for those who are in need. There is also a 90-day rehabilitation program. There is an on-site director and an outreach team. We have a non-discrimination policy.

If you know of person in need of our Services, please call the Homeless Hotline – (832) 292-3295 and ask for Jeremy Boucher.

Would you like to adopt a homeless person for $5.00 a day? If so, click HERE.


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Admissions process for The Life Center is as follows:

  • if you are not a sex offender, come by the Center for a face to face assessment between 9 A.M. – 4 P.M., 7 days a week, and a determination will be made by our staff if you qualify for our program. After a determination is made, and you qualify for the program, you will be expected to abide by the Center’s rules and regulations for continued stay.


The Life Center For The Homeless

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