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Impact Statement

Shelter and Spiritual Guidance are our first priority. Shelter bed space will be divided up according to two areas of importance. First, priority will be given to clients who have decided to fully participate in the program according to its rules and expectations. These people will be allowed to remain residents for a targeted stay of no more than ninety days. The other area of importance is people who need temporary shelter. These persons will be asked to join the program or find another shelter. The Center will be operated under a set of rules to be established from time to time by the Board of Directors or The Director of The Life Center with the help of an Advisory Board made up of the Director and selected Residents of The Life Center. These rules must be followed for continued participation in the program. It is the intent of this program to provide safe, clean and beneficial shelter to individuals in need. The Center will be monitored on a twenty-four hour basis by the Center Staff, including but not limited to the Director and Assistant Director.

Our second major objective is to provide our residents with three meals a day. In addition, we hope to provide meals to homeless nonresidents, if possible.

Implementation of a training and development program is the next major objective. As a part of development programs, weekly training sessions will be conducted which will focus in on such things as assisting with securing their proper identification, driver’s licenses, social security cards, bank accounts, budgeting, grocery shopping, nutrition, job search skills, resume’ writing, interview skills, locations of affordable housing and referrals to other agencies that can assist with other needs.

Needs statement

These 5 priorities represent our current focus:

  1.  Funding: The Life Center monitors all incoming donations and fundraising proceeds as well as outgoing expenses. The Life Center is in need of monthly supporters.
  2. Volunteers: The Life Center for the Homeless needs volunteers for various programs and to help with providing and serving food to our residents.
  3. Christian Motivational Speakers – Its part of our structure that we allow other believers of the Faith to lecture from time to time. Prayer, Spiritual Guidance and empowerment is one of our main focuses. All lecturers are interviewed before given the opportunity to grace our clients.
  4. Women and Children program: In the future The Life Center hopes to have a separate property with facilities for women and children.
  5. Youth Program: Today’s youth’s values are diminishing. It is The Life Center’s intent to help ensure that doesn’t continue to happen by providing a Mentoring Program, Music Program, Computer Literacy Program, Bible Study and Sunday School.

The Life Center’s Needs List:


Shaving cream



Travel sized soap

Bottled water

Ink – Dell Color LaserJet 1320c & HP Office jet 5610 All-in-one – all colors

School uniforms and supplies

HD video cameras

Professional media equipment

Indoor and outdoor 60 watt floodlights

Lawn care equipment (weed eaters, lawn mowers, etc…)

Industrial strength cleaning supplies (mops, brooms, chemicals, garbage bags)


New underwear for men, women, and children


Men & women’s clothing – appropriate for job interviews (suits)

Pillows, blankets, towels

Paper goods (toilet paper, disposable plates and flatware, paper towels, etc…)

Flash lights and batteries

Metro QCards with funds pre loaded


Ground Meat


Wild game and other meats are welcome


Canned goods & other non-perishable foods

To donate a vehicle, contact us.