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The Life Center Strategic Plan


The Life Center’s mission is to provide services and Christian support to persons who, by the power of The Holy Spirit, choose to turn their lives around. When the person decides to turn away from their former life, The Life Center begins providing programs, various services and assistance that address the physical needs as well as the Spiritual needs.

The Life Center provides:

Spiritual Guidance
Drug/ Alcohol Rehabilitation
Computer Literacy Training
Media Literacy Training
Street Ministry
Job training
Mailing address

The cornerstone of our mission is to reach the Homeless by going to the streets three times a week (rain or shine!), with the sole intent of bringing someone back to The Life Center. Thanks to the talents of Pastor Winston James, we always bring someone back! Seeing The Life Center’s Dorms filled uplifts our hearts, yet tells us, this is the easy part. The next step is to assist a person in turning their lives around in 90 days or less. That is our goal. We are joyous when we receive an opportunity to help someone who has chosen to work our program. Thus far, 6 out of every 10 people that come through our doors achieve the goal! Although 6 out of every 10 people meet this goal, we still have more work, for instance, for those who didn’t complete our program, we pray for the opportunity to work with them at a later date, and in most cases, they do return. We will keep their names in our database, and continue to pray for them. We also keep in touch with those who have graduated.


Four facilities house 70 of Houston’s Homeless and most destitute. The fourth facility is known as the Multi-Purpose Annex Facility. This facility houses the Administrative Offices. In addition, the facility has The Life Center Computer Literacy Program, an AA / PA meeting area, and a 24- hour Chapel area. The Chapel serves as a place for meditation and prayer as well as a reading room and a meeting area for the individual counseling meetings. It also provides additional sleep space for overflow clients with the use of twin air mattresses, pillows and blankets.


As with most endeavors, more volunteers are needed to help accomplish the goals mentioned herein. We are also in need of monthly supporters. We welcome the support of those who appreciate and understand the vision of The Life Center. To date, we have some monthly and annual supporters. By Faith, we’re believing God that more Covenant Partners will join us. With your support, we can continue to make a difference.


On January 28, 2011, God blessed us! We now own the Expansion Property, located on the south border of our Main Campus!

On April 25, 2012, three T-buildings from the University of Houston were transported over to our Campus! The total square footage of the facilities is 4,600 sqft.

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