Volunteer Opportunities

Are you in need of shelter?



The Life Center provides volunteer opportunities for all our partners and supporters and interested parties. We have a respectful and secure environment for all Life Center volunteers. In the event your group is interested in having a volunteer day, we would need some advanced notice. If there are young adults or children attending, please bring a family member or Director from your Church. In the event your Church or group is interested in participating in one of The Life Center’s Volunteer Projects, please contact us for more details.

Also, we ask that all new volunteers, before volunteering, would read over and sign the “Rules and Regulations Agreement” page. Thank you for your willingness to help out.Life Center has had a lot of volunteers to grace our Campus. A special thanks to all of our volunteers. May God continue to bless you.

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities available:

1. Cleanup Day – It’s mostly sweeping, vacuuming dusting, inside of our Multi-Purpose Annex Facility. The Multi-Purpose Annex Facility is where we have our Church Services, offices, meetings, and we also dine there, so from time to time, we must also do the carpet. We ask that hose who are interested in that particular project would bring a broom or vacuum cleaner, some disinfectant, or some type of multi-purpose cleaner, garbage bags and paper towels. All scheduling must be done with Mr. Jeremy Boucher.

2. Campus Landscaping – the cutting of our lawn, raking leaves, blowing, edging, etc… We ask that you please wear gloves. Also, if you have any lawn equipment, please bring your lawn equipment.

3. Hot meals for the homeless – When The Life Center’s kitchen and cafeteria is open, volunteer cooks for breakfast and lunch are needed. Construction on our kitchen is scheduled to be completed in the near future. Please contact Jeremy for more details, but if you could prepare a hot meal at home, and bring it to The Life Center, that would be excellent. The amount of people that live there fluctuates, so if interested, please call 832-292-3295 to find out how many meals are needed.

4. Praise, Worship and Fellowship – Sometimes, we invite others over to conduct Worship Services, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

5. Each one teach one – If there are those who have companies and/or a business, we ask that they consider hiring those of our clients who are drug/alcohol free.

6. Street Outreach – From time to time, we invite our partners to go out to the streets with us and witness, just as our clients do. Via email, when street opportunities are going on, is it okay if we call, and you can join us?

7. Lectures and Testimonies – From time to time, we ask that our partners come and share their Faith with our clients.

8. Light-Duty Renovations – There are opportunities for beautifying our Campus and facilities, such as painting, cleaning and various other light-duty projects.

9. Construction – From time to time, we need skilled people, hopefully that won’t charge us.

10. A Car Wash at your Church – We ask that Churches would organize a car wash at their Church.

11. Special Events – The Life Center Planning Committee, for our Anniversaries, Special Events and etc… would love to have helpers, servers and etc… to help out.

12. Grocery Shopping – We’re always in need for someone to take us grocery shopping.